Our mission is to share the beauty, relevance and contribution of African Cuisine in the continent and in the diaspora. The dining experience, the menus, the flavors and cooking techniques are inspired by the their places of origin and by my experience as an African chef in Toronto. Over the years, I have built close relationships with many local farmers from diverse backgrounds. Central to my cooking is the belief that sourcing seasonal, farm fresh produce is the foundation of a great meal!

I refer to my style of cooking as creative nomadic cuisine. It is my own culinary journey which pays homage and a tribute to my own Somali heritage. Like my ancestors, I am a nomad. It is in my blood and it fuels my creativity as a chef. I thrive in the ingenuity, adaptability and the resilience that comes from exploring new foods and environments...Locally sourced seasonal produce… African inspired dishes.

Join me in this experience as an extension of my own living room, simple, humble and unpretentious food served with love!